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4 Indicators You Should Replace Your Current Hearing Device

4 Indicators You Should Replace Your Current Hearing Device

Like any other medical device, hearing aids don’t last forever. Even if you’re happy with the performance of your hearing device, eventually, you’ll have to replace it. But how do you actually know when it’s time to replace your hearing device?
One general rule is that most hearing devices last, on average, 5-7 years. However, we need to stress that each case is unique, and only you, in consultation with your audiologist , can determine when the time is to replace your existing hearing device.
If you experience one of these 4 scenarios, it’s probably time to replace your hearing aid:
Your hearing device is over 5 years and has been sent in for repair.
When it’s that close to the end of its useful lifespan, your hearing aid should be replaced instead of being repaired. That way, you don’t have wait for your hearing aid to be repaired only to have it potentially operate unreliably and have to be replaced. You might as well upgrade when you have the chance. Repairs on hearing aids greater than five years can also be very costly and do not have a long repair warranty. Sticking money into an old device instead of saving it and purchasing new technology is not always the best thing.
You are noticing you aren’t hearing as well as you or your family expect.
Problems with hearing, relative to what you’re used to, could mean that your hearing device is malfunctioning. Or, it could mean that your hearing has deteriorated and you need to be evaluated for a hearing aid again. In any case, you should visit an audiologist  to get evaluated and figure out the cause of the problem and a new solution that will work well for you.
Your hearing aid isn’t comfortable anymore.
As we live, our bodies are always undergoing change. Likewise, a medical device you use every single day may eventually bend or warp from the constant use. If you’re noticing a lower level of comfort, you may be able to get your audiologist to re-mold the hearing device for a better fit or find you a new hearing device that fits more comfortably.
Advances in technology have changed the effectiveness of hearing devices.
You may be perfectly happy with your hearing device, but things in the hearing industry are changing so quickly that devices go through entire life cycles in 5 years. You may think your hearing device is functioning adequately, but you’ll never know what you could be missing out on with the newest generation of devices currently available on the market. So, during your regular checkup, it pays to ask your audiologist about how technology has advanced and how you may be able to benefit from these changes.
Thinking it may be time to replace your hearing device? Contact us to set up an appointment and we can help you decide if there may be a better device for your needs!

Dr. Marie Vetter-Toalson Au.D.

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