“I highly recommend Dr. Marie Vetter-Toalson and Chicago Hearing Services. I have been bringing my elderly Aunt there for over three years now. She has very limited hearing and has had a lifetime of hearing problems so she requires exceptional care in selection and programming of her hearing aids. Prior to finding Dr. Vetter-Toalson and CHS my Aunt’s prior hearing aids were continually not providing the hearing support she needed. As a result she became more and more isolated and depressed. Now, since we have found Dr. Vetter-Toalson and her exceptional care and service, my Aunt is back to her happy and social self! So much so that last year when we moved my Aunt out to West Dundee, we still bring her into the city to CHS as we know she’ll always get the care and consideration she needs and deserves in order to thrive! Thank you Dr. Vetter-Toalson!”

Janet B.

“Thank you for your help with the purchase of my telephone. I can hear very well and enjoy conversations again.”


“At 68.5 years old I realized I had to treat my hearing loss. I came under the care of Chicago Hearing Services. After very professional testing and a trip to an ENT, I was made aware that my hearing loss ranged from mild to profound. Thereafter, I was fitted with custom ear molds and ReSound hearing aids. Over the last few weeks adjustments have been made and that process will continue. I have found Dr. Vetter to be a friendly and caring professional woman. Today I became emotional when I thanked her telling her that she has indeed changed my life. I will be forever thankful.”

Dan P.


Update: I had my third annual visit to Chicago Hearing Services’ Dr. Marie Vetter-Toalson. After my annual testing Dr. Vetter-Toalson determined that my hearing aids were not working properly. She sent them to the manufacturer. I was given loaner aids while my aids were being serviced. I received my aids back today including updating of their programming. They work great! There are not enough words to say how pleased I am with CHS, Dr. Vetter-Toalson and Office Manager Miriam. Year after year my relationship with Dr. Vetter-Toalson gets better and better. I know that whenever I need help I can rely on friendly, professional service.

“It was 2001 and I finally got tired of saying “What did you say?” or “Would you repeat that?” or “Huh” and admitted to myself that I needed hearing aids. Two of my friends who already were using hearing aids recommended I make an appointment with Chicago Hearing Services. Thirteen years later I can honestly say “What a lucky day for me when I walked into Chicago Hearing Offices.” Dr. Marie is conscientious, considerate and dedicated to helping solve any hearing problems. He makes himself available to his patients, especially in stressful times and emergencies.”

Millie, a very very grateful hearing impaired person.

“It has been a little over 4 months that I have been fitted with hearing aids from CHS and the experience has truly been very gratifying and rewarding. The whole organization was truly responsive and completely accommodating.”

J. L. V.

“Dr. Vetter helped my 90-year old father with new hearing aids. He was reluctant to get new ones, thought he only needed one, was worried about the money, etc. Dr. Vetter was able to address all of his concerns and helped us with the benefit he was eligible for to help defray the expense. She’s delivered on every commitment in terms of quality and service. It’s been three years and my father and his hearing aids are still going strong. Personally, I have a sense of satisfaction knowing that Dr. Vetter gave us the best advice as to the type of hearing aid that would work best for him and she has been available for any question or follow-up we’ve had.” 

Angela, patient’s daughter

“I am so happy I found Chicago Hearing Services and especially Dr. Marie Vetter. She has been extremely responsive to questions and concerns. This has been especially important as we BOTH become accustomed to the Resound Linx and the connection to the iPhone.”

Janet R.

“Due to bad experiences with the discomfort of hearing aids I feared trying again. I withdrew from being with people and became depressed. Then I met Dr. Vetter. Now I’m so happy with my new hearing aids. They are comfortable and easy to manage. I enjoy hearing birds sing, listening to music and television, and conversing with people. I’ve missed so much for many years. Thanks to new technology, my life has more meaning and pleasure–wish I would have taken this step years ago! …thank you for helping me get my life back!”

Debbie H.

“In the last few decades it has become conventional wisdom that we are seeing a decline in customer service. I have experienced that as have many of my friends. But there is one place where customer service is not only still alive and well, but truly exceptional. And that place is Chicago Hearing Services at 5600 W. Addison in Chicago. When some issues arose, they were right there to address them patiently and without question until resolved. I have never experienced such wonderful service and because of them I am enjoying hearing everything clearly and naturally once again. And I can’t pass up mention of the staff, Miriam. They both treat patients with the utmost of respect and sensitivity. I highly recommend that anyone who is looking for exceptional audiology and hearing aid service to visit Chicago Hearing Services. They will not be disappointed.”

James C.

“This is a review about a person who really cares about her patients. A year ago we moved from Columbus Oh to Chicago and I needed an audiology specialist. Marie Vetter, Au.D. Of Chicago Hearing Services was recommended to me by my audiologist in Columbus. I had just purchased 2 brand new hearing aids in Columbus and I was having a problem with them staying over my ears. (the fear of losing them) Not only was Marie able to change out those hearing aids foranother style, but my hearing improved another 10%.

I highly recommend Marie Vetter, Au.D.”

Mike K.

“FIVE stars for CHS, staff, and especially Dr. Marie Vetter-Toalson!!! My mom’s hearing was getting progressively worse each year, and she decided she was ready for hearing aids. We could not be happier with the results. This is the place to go and the professionals to see for a wonderful, caring, patient, and positive experience with not only choosing the right hearing aids for your individual needs, but everything that goes along with getting them fitted and adjusted properly so that you actually wear them and use them because they work. There was no high pressure sale, & no dropping the ball after my mom got them. Dr. Vetter-Toalson was always available to address any issues my mom had until the hearing aids were adjusted properly for her. She really cares about her patients. My mom was very comfortable with her knowledge and her exceptionally sympathetic bedside manner. Most importantly, the results speak for themselves. My mom actually wears her hearing aids – everyday! And when I tell her that I love her, she hears me – every time!”

Olena P.

"Dr. Vetter-Toalson is truly a bright Ray of sunshine in a field of professionals that have been less than helpful. I can’t thank you enough for making at least some aspect of my father’s care feel easy!!!" 

Wendy C.

"Dr. Vetter is terrific! I had hearing loss for quite some time and finally decided to go and get tested. Not to surprise I had significant hearing loss and needed hearing aids. Dr Vetter helped explain what to expect while the tests were being done. She also sat down with my wife and me to go over my options as to what I can best work with. Needless to say, I am extremely happy and would recommend Dr Vetter to anyone who needs help with their hearing. Both Dr Vetter and her receptionist are highly professional and personable." 

Barry U.

"Dr. Vetter is amazing! She was so kind and helpful. She spent so much time with me and made me feel comfortable by explaining everything she was doing. She gave me my first pair of hearing aids which made me kind of nervous especially since I’m 21 but she put me at ease. No one knows that I wear hearing aids unless I tell them because they’re so small and can’t even been seen when my hair is up. She even set me up with something that streams the sound from the TV directly into my hearing aids. I never want to see another provider for my hearing issues. I’d recommend Dr. Vetter to everyone I know!" 


"Dr. Marie Vetter has helped to save my sanity! A person, who shall not be named, has been in denial about his hearing loss for years. I made an appointment for him with Dr. Marie Vetter. After his appointment with her he said very little about the results of the hearing test. It turns out that she had suggested hearing aids, but he was still in denial about the need for them. I made another appointment for him which I attended with him. He is now wearing his imperceptible hearing aids and he has admitted that he is really happy with them. The upside for me is that I no longer need to repeat everything. The down side for him is that he can’t say that he didn’t hear me!" 

Diana, spouse

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“While in college I thought I was not hearing well. Audiologists did hearing tests then with tuning forks and would determine what frequencies were difficult and if you needed help. The conclusion was that many people like me could not hear and a good reason was that most speech was mumbled or too soft spoken or a hand covering the mouth of the speaker, and you just had to pay better attention to hear. Well, I believed them and it was always the fault of the speaker, the room, the distracting noise, but never me. I was wrong and only learned thirty years later. Finally you get pushed and find there is help and then you believe that purchasing aids will just transform your hearing. The visit to get tested and fitted and then another trip to get the aids delivered and adjusted and now the miracle of being able to hear begins. That’s why so many people have hearing aids sitting in a drawer instead of in their ears. You need to have an audiologist who is determined that your aids fit right, will help your hearing loss and are adjusted to the everyday sounds for your comfort. It takes time for you to discover that sound can be too loud as well as being indistinct. You also should be dedicated to making this work. After years of not being able to hear well any improvement will seem good. You don’t remember easy comfortable natural hearing because you haven’t had it for such a long a time. This is when you need your audiologist to put in the effort to get all that good hearing technology to work best for your ears and brain. That takes some time and knowledge. I wish the solution was easier but many people never do get to find the help that only can come from a dedicated audiologist.

Another big plus in this office is Dr. Marie Vetter. You are very aware of the culture within her walls that helps the hearing impaired patient improve and does not allow problems to stay unsolved.

After many years of hearing aid experience I have watched the hearing wounded get around eventually to searching for help. Not unusual to see that they often wind up in the wrong place and have a great deal of disappointment. Many months of frustration and sore ears along with that big expense and then the aids do not get used.
When you cannot see, people reach out to help you. When you don’t hear they become annoyed with you. You just don’t know what you do not hear. Your blaring T.V. makes relationships wear thin. When you cannot talk sense on a telephone or understand directions, lose your social contacts or avoid restaurants, you don’t need to let that happen. Usually hearing is just a choice of getting the right help and working with a good audiologist and it will improve.”

Bernard L.