Hearing Loss Prevention

Hearing loss is a growing concern among young people as well as an increasing public health concern. People who are exposed to noise, whether for a job or recreational hobbies, are at risk for hearing loss. Hearing loss caused by noise exposure can be prevented. Being an educated and well-informed consumer will allow patients to protect your hearing for many years. 

 Chicago Hearing Services strives to provide pertinent education to musicians and others exposed to noise about hearing loss prevention as well as providing them with exceptional products. Dr. Marie Vetter is certified and has extensive training and can help direct you to the best quality sounding in-ear monitor or musician earplugs.

Here are Some Easy Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss Long Term

1. Be careful about using headphones.

Modern headphones make it easy to listen to music much louder than you need to, at volumes that can hurt your hearing. This is especially true of earbuds, which are inherently inefficient, causing users to turn them up even louder.

2. Limit the time you are exposed to loud noise.

If you must be in a loud environment, keep in mind that the louder the sound, the shorter amount of time you have before causing hearing loss. Limit your exposure time by leaving, covering your ears, or putting on hearing protection.

3. Make use of custom hearing protection.

If you require hearing protection for your work or a hobby you spend many hours performing, don’t settle for off the shelf earplugs, which can provide suboptimal fit and less than ideal protection. Instead, invest in custom hearing protection.

4. Stay in good physical health.

Hearing loss is correlated with aging, as well as a number of chronic health conditions. Staying in good health, eating a healthy diet, and getting plenty of exercise is a great way to stay healthier longer, and keep your hearing longer too!

5. Get your hearing checked.

If you do think you might be experiencing hearing loss, don’t ignore it! Come in for a hearing test so we can confirm what’s going on. We can recommend changes in lifestyle and custom hearing protection that can stop your hearing loss and prevent it from becoming worse!


We can create custom hearing protection.

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