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Is Your Loved One's Hearing Aid Functioning Properly? 5 Signs to Look For

Is Your Loved One's Hearing Aid Functioning Properly? 5 Signs to Look For

Once your loved one has been to an audiologist, has had a hearing test done, and has been fitted with a hearing aid, you may think that everything is taken care of. And you’d be right, at least for a while.
But hearing aids are sensitive pieces of equipment and occasional adjustments are required to keep them functioning properly. Usually, this kind of check and adjustment is done during the patient’s annual visit to an audiologist. But if the person has missed their regularly scheduled appointment, his or her hearing aid may not be working to its maximum potential.
Here are five signs your hearing aid may not be working as it should be:

  1. The hearing aid doesn’t seem to work. Hold it in your hand—if it squeals, you know it is turning on. If this does not occur, replace the battery and wax trap. If it is still not turning on, contact your audiologist to set up a repair appointment.
  2. The volume isn’t loud enough. If your loved one has told you they’ve having issues with the volume, or if you notice they’re hard of hearing even with the hearing aid, there could be two potential issues: the hearing aid is malfunctioning, or their hearing has changed and the hearing aid is no longer sufficient to address it. One of the most common issues related to volume is a blockage in the receiver; once cleaned, the hearing aid should be back to normal. But if you aren’t sure how to handle that, you can simply contact your audiologist.
  3. There is visible damage to the tubing of a Behind-the-Ear hearing aid. If the tubing is in bad enough shape to be noticeably worn or hard and unbendable, it will likely cause technical problems soon anyway, and should be replaced by a qualified professional.
  4. If you are noticing your loved one is turning up the television louder than normal or if you are having to repeat things you’ve said more than usual, that is a sign that the hearing aid isn’t working as expected and should be evaluated by a professional.
  5. They’re not wearing it. If your loved one usually wears their hearing aid, but all of a sudden you see them without it, this could mean that they’re having some sort of issue with the device. Ask him or her about it, and suggest they go in for an exam to either have the hearing aid tuned up, or to get a new one that works better for him or her.

We hope these signs will tip you off to any potential trouble with your loved one’s hearing aids. When in doubt, just book an appointment with their audiologist, who can check the devices and make sure they’re working.
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