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3 Resolutions for Better Hearing in 2021

If you’re already planning your New Year resolutions, be sure to include prioritizing your hearing health in 2021. Many people focus on fitness and wellness at the start of the year, but millions overlook their hearing. However, these three simple resolutions can transform your well-being and protect your hearing health in 2021: 1. Wear Hearing […]

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The Role of Stress in Hearing Loss

Something we talk about often on this blog is how much the scientific community still doesn’t know about hearing loss and its relation to other health factors. For example, stress can exacerbate hearing loss, and, in turn, hearing loss can create more stress and can ultimately be detrimental to a person’s physical health. One of […]

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Fitting Hearing Aids for Children: Special Considerations

Having an appropriately audiologically fit hearing aid is one of the most important things for a successful outcome when wearing hearing aids. Fit determines not only the patient’s physical comfort level (and therefore likelihood of actually wearing the hearing aid) but also the actual sound quality and functioning of the hearing aid. Because children grow […]

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