In Dedication…

Wow!  It is crazy to think that six years next month will mark my move to Chicago!  A graduate student excited about life and ready to hone my skills as an audiologist.  I still remember the day driving into town and seeing the amazing skyline we call Chicago!

Chicago SkylineMy first day at Chicago Hearing Services consisted of four VNGs, multiple patients and a 12 hour work day not including my commute.  My boss still says he’s amazed that I returned on day 2.  I was excited to learn but more importantly, it was my father that instilled in me work ethic and dedication to the task at hand.

Why talk about my father, a welding instructor, in an audiology blog?  This past weekend, my family gathered in my hometown of Torrington, Wyoming to honor my father, Leland Vetter, as he retired from Eastern Wyoming College.  My father dedicated 34 years to teaching students to excel both academically and personally.  Many of his former students attended and thanked him for going above and beyond his role as a teacher.  For many of them my father became a confidant, role model, leader, and friend.  Many of his students have went on and excelled at their careers ranging from owning their own businesses to being in charge of many welders.

My family in front of the EWC Fine Arts Building sculpture my father designed.
My family in front of the EWC Fine Arts Building sculpture my father designed.

As I think about those skills my father gave to his students, he also gave them to us kids.  My dad taught us the importance of being to work on time, completion of tasks, and dedication to a job.  More importantly, he taught us how to have people skills and genuine authentic personalities.

While in graduate school clinic, one of my supervisors said, “You have a skill I can’t teach to someone.  You can talk to patients and make them feel special”.  That is all from my amazing father, Leland Vetter.  I sometimes ask myself when I’m working, “What legacy will I leave?”  I’m hoping it is half as good as my father’s.”  What legacy are you leaving behind?  What you doing with your patients to make them feel unique?

About Dr. Marie Vetter-Toalson Au.D.

Dr. Marie Vetter-Toalson Au.D. is the owner of Chicago Hearing Services and a Doctor of Audiology dedicated to empowering her patients and the public with greater knowledge and education around hearing health.

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  1. Well put. Is there a new career in store for your dad. He could start building giant sculptures.

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